Friday, November 9, 2012


Ocean Adventure is the last itinerary that we visited during our educational tri
p. There at the Ocean Adventure you can see many sea creatures,especially dolphins,sea lions and even wild animals, that we can only find in the forests. I learned many things and one of my important realization with that experience is the slogan "You can make the Difference".We must preserve mother earth for the welfare of living creatures that dwells therein. Indeed, we hold the key today whether we want the next generation to enjoy these wonderful creatures as well, or simply allow them to learn of such in mere pictures or replicas because they're already extinct. The second lesson I gained is to Reduce,Reuse and Recycle.Many of us use plastics, in fact, nowadays it's difficult to live without plastics at hand. But do we really realize that usage of such plastics, whether it be containers, organizers, and the like, is made up of hazardous chemicals. And with all sorts of plastic materials being dumped in different bodies of water, it could post danger ocean inhabitants who can swallow and be entangled in them. Ultimately when these sea creatures are poisoned and are consumed by land creatures, even like humans, it can also result to harm. We must learn to reduce using things that decompose for a long time.We must learn to reuse things,creating a new product out of disposable plastics. For example, we can make coin bank, flower decorations out of soda plastic bottles. Lastly, we were told to recycle,to gather and collate used or waste materials, so as make suitable for reuse,like papers,we must recycle it to save trees. We, humans are created and tasked by God to protect and be a good steward of all His creations. Indeed, it is our choice on how to respond whether we want to take a stand and "Make the Difference",because "The Power" to Reduce, Re use and Recycle is within our hands.